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The Britannica Guide to the Brain:
A guided tour of the brain and all its functions

[From the Britannica website]:

This voyage around the human brain is the most up-to-date and accessible journey through neuroscience and the ever-developing ideas that surround it. Since ancient times, the human brain has fascinated thinkers and scientists: How does it function? What is the mind? Is the brain a computer? What do mental disorders tell us about who we are? What is memory? How should we judge intelligence?

The Britannica Guide to the Brain gives an overview of the various attempts to fathom the true nature of the brain as well as the most contemporary issues concerning stem cell research and neuroplasticity. In a wide-ranging introduction, author and psychologist Cordelia Fine looks at the current debates in neuroscience and the new research into the role of the brain and behaviour.

The Britannica Guide series offers an essential introduction to many of the key issues of our times. Clear, accurate, and meticulously researched, the series gives both the background and analysis for when you need to know for sure what is really happening in the world, whether you are an expert, student or general reader.

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