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Selected interviews / references in news and magazine articles

Patrick Kingsley, writing in the Guardian, included Delusions of Gender in his "ten years of brain food" - the books which have most influenced thinking over the past decade, alongside Freakonomics, The Tipping Point, No Logo and The Black Swan.

'On the Bookshelf', Anna Lena Phillips, American Scientist May, 2011

"Some of the book's findings are downright discouraging, but Fine tempers these with sharp wit and a buoyant sense of humor. And her conclusions ultimately point to a hopeful future, in which both scientists and the public are better informed."

Delusions of Gender shortlisted for The Best Book of Ideas Prize 2011.

'The Top Ten Myths About Women and the Heroes Who Bust Them', CARE Reality Check on the 100th Anniversity of International Women's Day 8 March, 2011:

"On this, the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day, CARE and its partners are celebrating some of the women - and men - who have worked to dispel 10 prominent myths about girls and women. Each piece of female folklore comes with two mythbusters. The first is someone who has knocked giant holes in the myth during the past 100 years and, in some cases, continues doing so today. The second person is in their myth-busting prime and positioned to shoulder the heavy demolition work moving into the future."

Busting the myth that girls can't do science or math.

Association for Women in Mathematics Newsletter, March 2011

"carefully and with great precision demolishes the nonsense that pervades the popular and technical literature pretending to be scientific fact, exposing it as truthiness which is nowhere close to truth. ... When I first heard about this book it was clear, even before reading it, that this is the book we've been waiting for. Now, having read it, I can assure you that it is even better than I thought it could be. ... Buy it. Get your friends, your colleagues, your family members to buy it, or buy it for them. Get it to your local school board. Make it required reading, not only in gender studies, but in freshman sociology, biology, education and business courses. Get it on the New York Times bestseller list. ... Our culture is saturated with sloppy self-reinforcing non-thinking about gender. It will take a monumental effort to get it off those tracks. Delusions of Gender is an excellent place to start." -Professor Judy Roitman.

'Kitchen sink drama', Sally Feldman, New Humanist March, 2011

"[H]ooray for the psychologist Cordelia Fine who, in 'Delusions of Gender', does a heroic job of debunking the host of pseudo-research and assumptions which have led the onslaught [of sexist science]."

'What happened next? Feminism', The Guardian 27 December, 2010

"could change how we view gender for ever ... Fine's Delusions of Gender finally debunked the myth that men and women's minds are significantly different ... could have far-reaching consequences as significant as The Female Eunuch."

Cordelia named as one of the Top 100 influential people of the year by The Age / Melbourne Magazine, December 2010.

Best Non-Fiction List 2010, Washington Post 12 December, 2010

'Books of the Year', The Guardian 27 November, 2010

Delusions of Gender named as a "brilliant" book of the year by Jeanette Winterson.

'Books we loved in 2010', London Evening Standard 25 November, 2010

"Fine is that rare combination of a great scientist and a great writer, launching a witty and impeccably researched attack on the idea that the differences between the sexes are hard-wired in our brains." Rosamund Unwin.

'Teflonteorier', Annette Nielsen, Weekendavisen November, 2010

'Sorry, but cheaper car insurances patronises women', Catherine Bennett, The Observer 06 March, 2011

'Mann und Frau ticken gar nicht so verschieden', Bettina Weber, Tages Anzeiger 18 February, 2011

'Naked truth of a new glass ceiling', Suzy Freeman-Greene, The Age 06 December, 2010

'Neurossexismo: O cerebro e masculino ou feminino', Maira Lie Chao, Planeta, November 2010.

'Boston superintendent of schools delays decision to set up single-sex academies', Ms Magazine 30 November, 2010

'Let's talk about sex differences. Again', Carol Tavris, The Guardian 23 November, 2010

"You tip your hat to the current generation of scholars - notably Cordelia Fine, with Delusions of Gender and Rebecca Jordan-Young, with Brain Storm: The flaws in the science of sex differences - and you are grateful that they have taken up the cudgel as you sigh: 'Here we go again.'"

'The insidious apartheid of thinking pink', Monica Dux, The Age 21 November, 2010

'Battle of the sex differences', Jon Sutton, The Psychologist November Issue, 2010

'Be wary of brain studies: Study', Dave McGinn, Globe & Mail 27 October, 2010

'The female -- and extreme-female -- brain', Big Think 21 October, 2010

[An article by me:] 'Let's end the great gender lie', The Guardian 18 September, 2010. And many thanks to Charles Durning for the poem this article inspired!

'Gender Agenda', Judith Ireland, The Canberra Times 02 October, 2010

'A brain strained by sexism', Suzy Freeman-Greene, The Age 25 September, 2010

'Science's sexist agenda', Claire Jones, The Guardian Weekly 24 September, 2010

'Sexism dressed up as science', Jessa Crispin, PBS Need To Know, 05 October, 2010

'I will put my little boy in pink pants', Nathan Hegedus 02 October, 2010

'Theories that men's and women's brains are wired differently are a "myth", say experts', Jonathan Leake, The Australian (originally from The Sunday Times) 12 September, 2010

'So it turns out we're all from Earth after all', The Irish Times 14 September, 2010

'Gender concepts evolving', The Miami Herald 11 September, 2010

'Gender gap a scientific myth, says psychology expert', The Guardian 10 September, 2010

'"Delusions of Gender": The bad science of brain sexism', 7 September, 2010

'Neuroscience or "Neurosexism"? Book claims brain scans sell sexes short', USA Today 8 August, 2010

'Seeking status: embracing our selfish motives for buying green', The Ecologist 4 May, 2010

'Fine line between playing and selling', The Australian 27 July, 2009

'Study rejects claims teens are ad-savvy', The Australian 27 July, 2009

'Teen fan children too sexy too soon', The Herald Sun 4 August, 2009

'Stealth campaigns keep kids craving', The New Zealand Herald 21 June, 2007

'Shortcuts: Rubbish collection and the law of averages', The Guardian 23 August, 2007

'Rudeness', The Times 9 March, 2006

'The brain minds its own business', National Post 5 May, 2007

'Give me 5! What we've learnt since 2003' The Times 6 September, 2008

'Recommended reading', Wall Street Journal 14 September, 2007

'Doctor Who battles tortoise for book prize', The Guardian 5 April, 2007

'Science books award', Nature April, 2007

'Brain Teasers', Mother Jones March/April, 2007

'The brain minds its own business', National Post 5 May, 2007

'Coming to a school near you', The Herald Sun 4 September, 2007

'Messing with your mind, kid', Otago Daily Times 14 June, 2008

'Book prize', The Psychologist June, 2006

'Hell to pay when man bites dog', The Australian 2 May, 2007

'Sex on the brain', Sunday Star Times 14 June, 2008

'Minding money means knowing your mind', Rockford Register Star 4 June, 2007

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