Selected Journalism / Popular writing

The Guardian
It's time to celebrate the fact there are many ways to be male and female" (with Daphna Joel).

'Let's end the great gender lie'

Financial Times
Review of Susan Greenfield's 'Mind Change: How Digital Technologies Are Leaving Their Mark On Our Brains'

The Conversation
'An unproductive story of reproductive success and PMS'

'New insights into gendered brain wiring or a perfect case study in neurosexism?'

New Scientist
'Biology doesn't justify gender divide for toys'

The Monthly
'The vagina dialogues'
Republished in The Best Australian Science Writing 2013

'Status quota'

'The porn ultimatum' (Cover story)
Republished in The Best Australian Essays 2012

'Status quota'

'Negative feedback'

New York Times
'Biased but brilliant'

Public Library of Science Guest Blog
'Let's say goodbye to the straw-feminist'

British Psychological Society Research Digest
'My Greed' (Part of the BPS Week of Sin)

The Psychologist

Simon Baron-Cohen's review of Delusions of Gender

Letters: 'Seductive arguments' (Response to review)

Letters: 'No cloak of objectivity'

New Statesman
'All in the mind' (with Simon Laham)

The Guardian
'Let's end the great gender lie'

Huffington Post
'A Career in Gender? Think Twice'

'The Limits of Equality'

The Big Issue (UK)
'Why don't we just ... stop buying into neurosexism?'

Edited extracts from 'A Mind of Its Own' were published in
The Times and The Guardian and The Australian

'Modern Mind' column in The Australian:

'Boys set adrift by dud science'
'Words that can change our world'
'All in the back of your mind'
'Shafted by the glass elevator'
'Leave the nest and soar'
'The key to happiness on the job'
'Manipulated by belief'
'It's all in a day's work'
'Hard labours lost in thought'
Willpower is best used with care'
Reversing the forces of habit'

Sydney Morning Herald
'Marketers with a licence to manipulate'

The Age
'Feel sorry for Kiely, but pity more his female colleagues'
'Forget the fantasy, feeling like a natural woman is unreal'
'If it's in the news, it must be true!'

The Australian
'Word-of-mouth marketing can leave behind a sour taste' (with Paul Harrison)

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